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Finding the right fit for your parent takes time and expertise.  Let me help you check off the boxes to make the right decision for your family.

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What We do:  We maintain an extensive database of over 100 Licensed Care Providers in and around San Luis Obispo County.  We will help assess your specific needs to provide personalized assistance in locating a care provider that fits your location, budget and preferences.  In addition to your current needs, we also try to consider what future needs your family might have and build that discussion into our recommendations.

We help you make a more informed and knowledgeable choice.

Meet the Owner: David Wood

No two persons are alike.  Every person I meet has their unique blend of social, emotional and physical needs.  In addition, we all have different preferences, family dynamics and financial budgets.  Not only have I helped many families find a home for their loved one, I have done it for my own mom.

I know how overwhelming and stressful this can be.  I will take my time, listen and make recommendations I feel are in your best interests.  Let me help you find the right fit for you and your family.