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ABA/AARP Checklist for My Family: A Guide to My History, Financial Plans and Final Wishes

By Sally Balch Hurme

Put your life in order with this valuable new resource from AARP and the American Bar Association. Checklist for My Family guides you through the process of gathering in one place your finances, legal documents, online accounts, wishes about medical care, and more. Plus it tells you what you need, why you need it, what’s missing, and where to get it.

While giving you peace of mind, this book is also a gift to your loved ones. It spares them stressful decisions and needless frustrations when you’re ill or upon your death. And it presents them with your legacy, by providing specific knowledge of family history and recollections about your life, interests, and accomplishments.

Whether you choose to gather this critical information in the book itself or through the forms available free online, you can easily customize and organize your information.

With this one-of-a-kind guide, you’ll stay in control of your life and feel satisfied in knowing that if anything happens to you, you—and your family—will be well prepared.

San Luis Obispo Caregivers AARP Checklist for My Family
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Home Safety Checklist for Senior Safety in San Luis Obispo County

Most aging adults prefer to live in their own home.  According to the National Institute of Health, 6 out of 10 falls happen at home.  It is where older adults spend most of their time.  We all tend to take Safety in our homes for granted.  Moving around freely in our home gets more and more dangerous as we age.  Giving thoughts to the hazzards around the house can be the difference between life and death.  Many falls can be prevented or minimized by making simple changes in living areas, as well as personal and lifestyle changes.

In All Rooms

  • Arrange furniture around the outside edges of the room to create clear walking paths.

  • Make rooms well-lit and allow for ease of turning on lamps.
  • Raise the heights of chair and sofa seating.
  • Clear out any clutter.
  • Eliminate pointed or sharp edges on furniture by replacing it or covering the corners with padding.Eliminate pointed or sharp edges on furniture by replacing it or covering the corners with padding.
  • Place phones in easily accessible areas or get an emergency response pendant.
  • Keep medications in an area that’s reachable and clearly marked.
  • Make a list of emergency or important phone numbers in large print.

In the Kitchen

  • Clean spills right away.
  • Remove/discourage stepping stools.
  • Provide grip extension tools for seniors to get things from high shelves.

In the Bathroom

  • Install non-slip strips or rubber mats in the bathtub.
  • Install railings in bath and near the toilet.
  • Use a tub seat for showering and bathing.
  • Make sure towels and cords are up off the floor and clean up any standing water.
  • Be careful of a lip or a ledge when walking into the shower.


  • Inspect handrails on steps and make sure they are secure.
  • Assist seniors when walking on uneven walkways.
  • Walk and assess common paths (ie. to the mailbox, garden, trash can).

The following are the most common fall risk factors that can increase the odds of sustaining an injury.

  • Impaired vision

    Glaucoma and cataracts significantly impair vision and depth perception.  Being away of lighting and too much glare from lights are key factors.

  • Osteoporosis

    Contributes to loss in bone density which increases a person’s chance of falling and also makes recovery tougher.

  • Lack of physical activity

    Leads to decreased muscle tone, poor balance and impaired flexibility.

  • Medications

    Watch for side effects like drowsiness, dizziness and changes in blood pressure.  One of the leading causes of hospital visits is misused medication.

  • Pets

    Tripping over a cat or dog prowling around one’s feet or dog toys can create a dangerous fall.

The demands of caring for someone at home can be extremely difficult and stressful for well-intentioned loved ones. San Luis Obispo Caregivers senior resources will point you to the right areas to continue your research.

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