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Keep your Loved One Safe with a Caregiver

Falls are the number one risk to most elderly people. Falls are preventable for the most part, but usually it takes help from a person.

Many family supporters suffer from caregiver burnout. They sacrifice their own money, time, work ambitions and social lives in order to keep their loved ones safe at home. But at what cost?

The best way to keep your loved one safe at home is by finding a qualified and experienced professional caregiver.

Home Care in San Luis Obispo County by SLO Caregivers

What do Caregivers Do?

Non-Medical Care consists of the following:

Trained and experienced caregivers become a instrumental part of your loved ones recovery.

Professional caregivers will typically see or hear things from their client that the family may not be aware of.  

Many caregivers have specialized training in Alzheimer's Care, Parkinson's Care, Stroke Care and Cancer Care. 

Caregivers Provide:

Incontinence Care
Prepare Meals 
Hydration Reminders
Medication Reminders
Light Housekeeping
Transfer and Mobility
Home Care in Arroyo Grande CA: Caregiver Vacation Planning

Assuricare Makes it Easy and Organized

We partner with Assuricare, a third party payroll company that allows you to stay organized with your payments to the caregiver.

Caregivers track time using a Mobile App
You receive a weekly summary email
Access to online portal (all payments made)
Caregivers get paid weekly (Direct Deposit)
Automate Long Term Care Insurance Claims

Dedicated Caregivers

Selecting the right fit for your loved one starts by selecting a dedicated caregiver. Each Caregiver is Independent and brings their own blend of value and experience.  This isn't just a job to them, it is their business.

Along with their skills you can rest easy knowing that we are very selective on who are eligible for referrals from our agency. Each Caregiver has passed the following criteria:

Worked as a caregiver for a minimum of 2 years (our average is 8.5 years)
Registered as a Domestic Aide with The State of California
Verified identification
Passed interview screening
TB test verified
Disclosed vaccination status
Background screen verification
Empathetic and service oriented

Eldery Care San Luis Obispo Caregivers - Home Care, Senior Care

 3 Step Process

Elderly Home Care in San Luis Obispo

1. Talk to David

2. We post your job to the
Pre-Screened Caregivers

3. You Interview and
Choose your Caregiver

"Selecting a Caregiver is 90% Personality!"
A Message from David

Five Star Reviews &

Real Life Testimonials

We take great pride in empowering our clients to select the right caregivers.  Listen to what our clients have said. 

I highly recommend David and his staff,  They have been so helpful, efficient, caring and professional.  My experience has been stellar and I am grateful for his expertise and support.  

Lori L

David has been an essential guide, in our effort to help my sister's care situation.  He has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times.  I'm really glad the nurse referred me to him.

Jim S

Compassionate, kind and friendly. knowledgeable, attentive, responsive, reliable, professional, and extremely helpful.

Testimonial for SLO Caregivers

Angela F

Download 3 Care Guides

Home Safety Checklist

Accidents do happen! 1 out of 4 adults over 65 will take a fall in their home this year. Falls are the number one reason people end up in a Nursing Home.

Dangers around the house
Plan to fix problems.
Room by Room details

Hospice Checklist

In Home Hospice can be challenging, but you are not alone. This checklist will help you plan ahead so you can be prepared.

Questions to Ask Hospice
A Plan for Family Caregivers
The benefits of going on Hospice
Supplies you should have on hand.
Creating the right environment

Hospital to Home Guide

Your guide to a safer and smoother discharge and transition from a hospital or Skilled nursing Facility to care at your home.

Create a Care Team
Roles and Definitions of Hospital Staff
Types of Therapy
Discharge To Do List
Best Practices at home

Hourly Care

24/7  Hospice Care

Overnight Care

Call David at (805)748-2614.

More Videos on YouTube

David provides weekly videos covering tips and stories about caregiving. 

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