How is a Referral Agency Different?

The primary way a referral agency is different than a home care company is that a referral agency does not employ the caregivers, it simply refers you an independent caregiver. Unlike an independent caregiver you may find on your own, you have the peace of mind knowing that all of the caregivers referred by San Luis Obispo Caregivers, have been background screened, interviewed and selected for you to match your needs.

Once we meet the caregiver in person and verify their references the independent caregiver must pass our background screening proceess and verify their credentials. Only then are they placed in our registry to be assigned to a home.

We remove the stress

You are going through a stressful time, chances are you are the primary caregiver for your family member and you do not want just anyone to take care of your family member.

Each independent caregiver may carry his/her own professional liability insurance, bond or workers compensation insurance. Any client can request a caregiver to provide their own bonding and liability insurance.

We recommend you to contact your Home Owner’s Insurance agent to let them know you will be hiring an independent caregiver for your home. While many policies have this covered we recommend you verify this with your insurance agent. If it is not covered, you simply ask for a Rider in addition to the current coverage. The cost is usually between $100-$250 per year. Our third party payroll system offers workers compensation from private insurers or state pools.

Great place to start is to fill out an assessment.

Take Assessment

Process is as easy as

Call SLO Caregivers at 805-748- 2614 or fill out our care assessment.

Schedule an in home assessment. We will come to your house and meet you in person.

Meet the Caregiver. Get introduced to your qualified and matched caregiver.


San Luis Obispo Caregivers refers clients to a third party payroll system which provides comprehensive electronic payment and household payroll services, with expert assistance to you and your family.

  • Use of telephone system which results in accurate record keeping of the hours of your caregiver.
  • Ability to review and approve hours weekly.
  • Access to online portal.
  • Prepare and processes payment to registry and caregiver through direct deposit.
San Luis Obispo Caregivers refers families to a third party payroll system that provides the client the option to prepare and process year-end tax filings.
Caregivers that register with SLO Caregivers do so with the understanding that they are in no way an employee of San Luis Obispo Caregivers. Each independent caregiver is asked to sign an agreement to understand the intended relationship with the client.
SLO Caregivers is not the employer of the domestic worker it refers to you. The domestic worker may be your employee or an independent contractor depending on the relationship you have with them. If you direct and control the manner and means by which the domestic worker performs his or her work you may have employer responsibilities, including employment taxes and workers’ compensation, under state and federal law. We do not hire, train or set rates for our caregivers. For additional information contact your local Employment Development Department or the IRS.

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