As a family member, it is not uncommon to be worried that our parent lost their short-term memory.  If you think a loved one may be showing early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, this is what should you be looking for?

One of the most prominent signs of Alzheimer’s Disease is forgetfulness. It starts out with forgetting recent events. It progressively gets worse until the patient may forget family names and objects they see every day. Someone with Alzheimer’s and Dementia repeats things over and over, and can put themselves in harm’s way,  therefore typically need a higher level of care. We all lose our keys from time to time, luckily this is normal and does not mean you have Alzheimer’s.  If your parent forgets what the keys do, then you may have the beginning signs of Alzheimer’s.

Here are the 8 warning signs you need to be aware of if you suspect your loved one may have dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease.

1. Memory Loss

2. Mood swings

3. Misplaced belongings

4. Difficulty completing a task

5. Lost in a sentence

6. Literally gets lost

7. Change in eating habits

8. Increased anxiety

There are many more warning signs, but these are the ones I see and hear about the most.


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