Have you been in the car lately, while your parent has been driving? Here is the question for you. Would you let your small child be driven by your parent? If the answer to that question is no, it is time to start the “Safe Driving” conversation.

Does your parent avoid nighttime driving, avoid highways or only drive at certain times of the day? Well, that means they have already recognized that their driving skills have diminished.

This is one tough conversation, right? We all think of driving as freedom. I think back to when I first got my drivers license and how I felt free to go wherever I wanted. We all want to be the one to make this decision for ourselves.

AAA driving club has put together some great tools for families to have the conversation and shows compelling evidence to the senior on why accidents increase after 70 years old.

I have included the following free “Senior Driving” resources for your review:

-Self Rating Tools
-Interactive Driving Evaluation
-Conversation Tips
-Talking to their doctor
-Driver Planning Agreement

Remember, try not come across as the parent to your parent…they don’t like it! Read the information included and create your own plan to keep you parent and others safe.

Good luck and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!