We think of our parents as someone who can’t work the remote control. Well, have you ever seen a remote control, who really knows what all of those buttons mean? Not to mention the size of the font on the remote…I dare you to find the input button on a new remote!   Some technology is well suited for the elderly person at home. Here are my top 6 things you should at least think about if your parent is at home, but may need some help.

1. Amazon Echo – If your parent suffers from memory loss, remembering the date, the weather and what time their favorite show comes on can be easily accomplished by asking Alexa. Oh by the way Alexa doesn’t get frustrated if you ask the same question several times.  It was voted top three usable new technology for seniors by Forbes Magazine.

2. – Dementia Clock – American Lifetime- This large screen clock allows impaired seniors the ability to tell time with few distractions. It shows the day of the week, what part of the day it is, the time and the date, and it also has battery backup in case of a power outages.

3. A Power lifting Recliner – This is a great investment for a senior that needs a little head start to get up and out of the chair. Unlike some of the other recliners, this one has a very nice look and design to go with the functionality.

4. Tile tracker – Tile Mate is a must. You simply attach the tile to your wallet, keys or anything else you don’t want to lose. If the item is lost, you simply look up the app to activate the beeping mechanism on the tile (it will also make your phone beep).

5. Emergency Alert system – Most seniors do not get an emergency pendant, because of the ongoing costs, and the confusion of how to set things up. The Freedom Talk 2 is a very simple 2-way voice system that does not have a monthly fee. It is water resistant for showers and bathroom trips (where most falls occur). You program the 5 numbers into the phone (you can program 9-1-1 or your cell phone).

6. Automatic Pill Dispenser – Live Fine pill dispensers sound an alarm when the pills should be taken and release only the pills that are scheduled. It has 28 slots and a safety latch, so accidental overdose can be prevented.

Good luck shopping, I hope this motivates you to introduce your parents to some of the latest technology out there.