Why do people choose Assisted Living communities?

Most of us want to stay in our home and age in place if possible. Moving out of our house into an Assisted Living Community feels like a loss. Assisted Living is a multimillion-dollar agency that expands every year. So why are people moving to these communities throughout the United States? Assisted Living communities have been designed with the aging senior in mind. Here are the top five reasons people choose an Assisted Living community.

  1. Isolation at home. Over the pandemic, we have all felt the sting of being alone. In our aging population, there are many consequences to isolation. Most commonly resulting in loneliness, depression, and falls. Assisted living communities are filled with other residents, activities, and care staff to keep people active and stimulated.
  2. An Assisted Living apartment feels like the right-sized space. Unlike being in a Skilled Nursing facility with a roommate or a single room in a care home, assisted Living has Studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments for rent. Assisted Living gives you the freedom to hang out in your own space if you are not the most social butterfly in the community.
  3. Eliminate dangerous chores and home maintenance. Every year thousands of seniors fall into their houses trying to do housework, chores, and maintenance they shouldn’t be doing. Many spouses also become caregivers and put themselves at risk of serious injury. Assisted Living communities help you make the bed, do laundry, and prepare delicious meals for their residents.
  4. Unburden their family members. Many adult children sacrifice work, family, and personal time to help their parents stay home as long as possible. Many seniors move to take that pressure off of their kids.
  5. It can be cheaper to move into an assisted living than to have a paid caregiver in the home.

Selecting an assisted living community or care home can be stressful and challenging without help. I am here to help you research all of the best choices and guide you to a decision that makes the most sense for you and your family. My service is free, and I am a phone call away.

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Selling a Home for Mom and Dad  

help you a lot about what happens before someone is placed into Assisted Living or a care home, but I never speak about what comes next. The first thing on most people’s minds is what they need to do to sell a home. Selling a home is a big project, and chances are you need some help.

Some questions to ask:

  • Are you going to sell the home?
  • Will rent the house?
  • Need to use the home?
  • Home to have an estate sale?
  • Do you need to donate specific items?

I work with local real estate professionals that have expertise in selling a home for an elderly family member. Not all agents do an excellent job at this. Especially if you are trying to do all of this remotely, remember that emotions also play a huge role. They need someone who can relate to them. Let me know if this is the stage you are in and if you need some guidance. I am happy to help.

Give me a call at (805)748-2614

Seling a home you have lived in for many years is stressful on your body and mind. Not all seniors are physically able to pack things up, move items around and lug boxes down the steep stairs. As difficult as that sounds, it pales to the mental and emotional stress when transitioning to a new home. Most times, seniors are downsizing to a much smaller footprint, which typically means they can only bring a small number of things. Working with people who understand the emotional side of moving is very important to your parent’s well-being.

We have created a local network of real estate professionals who are the county’s top performers. Some realtors on the list have the special designation “Certified Senior Housing Professional,” They have received additional training and knowledge about late-in-life transitions.

My network includes

  1. Local/Neighborhood Realtors
  2. Guidance with additional services like moving, cleaning, and repairs
  3. People who have experience helping seniors
  4. What to do with the “stuff”!!!
  5. Knowledge of Senior Friendly Living Choices

Whether you are looking to stay in your home for as long as possible, rent your home and live somewhere else or sell your house, your home’s assets are typically the way people care for an extended amount of time.

Here are a few creative ways people use their real estate as a financial tool.

  • Sell their Home
  • Rent their home
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Bridge Loan
  • Home Equity
  • Long term Care Insurance

When choosing an independent caregiver, you are ensured that you will have someone screened and experienced. Since you know your loved one better than anyone, you must make sure the caregiver and the client are a personality match. Selecting an assisted living community or care home personality to match the other residents and the staff is critical to a successful long-term relationship.