Finding a Caregiver, a Memory Care Home, or Assisted Living in San Luis Obispo County is not easy.

Are you stressed out and overwhelmed? I talk to people like you every day. Finding the proper care solution for your aging loved one is a big decision and not always a popular one with your loved one that needs care. Obstacles can get in your way. Many people try to do this on their own. They end up making mistakes that lose money or decrease safety.

It can be hard to find a caregiver right now, so your timing might be perfect if you consider Assisted Living. When your parent said they never wanted to live in a nursing home, they were likely thinking of a Skilled Nursing Facility environment. Assisted Living is nothing like a Skilled Nursing Facility. Is apartment living (like a fancy hotel) with a nice restaurant, hair salon, and even happy hour! Each community has a unique combination of services, care, and activities.

Let me help take the stress away. Why not work with an expert with experience in selecting the proper care community or the right in-home caregiver?

I can help you make an informed decision.

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When choosing an independent caregiver you are ensured that you will have someone screened and experienced. Since you know your loved one better than anyone, it is important you make sure the caregiver and the client are a personality match. Even when selecting an assisted living community or care home personality match of the other residents and the staff is critical to a successful long-term relationship.