Care Home Resistance

We all have heard it! You would have to take me kicking and screaming! There is a big resistance for most of us ending up in a care home or assisted living. Yet every year, thousands of people move into care homes.

Here are the top three reasons people chose to move their loved ones into a care home.

1. Safety of their loved ones with Dementia. Dementia affects your brain’s executive functions, which means it affects how you make decisions. If your loved one is at home by themself and has suffered from multiple falls, driving accidents, or mistakes with leaving the gas on, these are all common reasons people make the choice to place their parent in a care facility.

2. Financial reasons. Care in the home is expensive. If your loved one needs 24-hour care, it will cost you over $20,000 a month to find a professional caregiver. Many family members choose to perform the care themselves, which results in quitting a job, supporting their parents financially, or sacrificing their family time.

3. They are not a caregiver. I have heard many people claim that they just can’t do that type of work. Not everyone is comfortable helping a parent shower or in the bathroom. In addition, many understand the value of experts and trained people dedicated to this type of work.

If these scenarios sound familiar, it may be time to understand the local options. I have been to all of the local care homes and will recommend the ones that make the most sense to your loved one’s needs. Get started here.

Are you Exhausted?

Breathe…We can help

Many of us who have a parent with Dementia sacrifice our jobs, social life and families in order to help our aging loved one at home. While we are doing our best to help them, we know they probably need more!

Guilt is a major player when delaying a parents move, we often need help admitting this is the best thing for everyone. Often this allows you to get out of the role of a caregiver and into the role of the family member again.

We have visited over 50 local care homes and have a working knowledge of each community.  We will save you time, money and most of all your sanity!

We can help! Call David at (805)748-2614 to get started.