This can be an incredibly difficult conversation for caregivers to have with family members. You may have been a caregiver for a long time, but circumstances can change and you might need to step away from that commitment. What can you do?


What’s Driving This Decision?

Before you talk to anyone else in your family, you might want to reflect for a little longer. What’s behind this decision? Are there mental or physical health issues you’re facing? There can be a variety of contributing factors and it helps if you can identify as many of them as possible. This doesn’t mean that everyone involved needs to hear all of the details, but being able to express what’s happening can help immensely.

Do You Really Need a Break?

Is what you really need some time away, or is this a more permanent decision? Your time of reflection can actually help you to figure this out. Many caregivers aren’t taking the time away from being a caregiver that they need to be taking, so it’s not an unheard-of question. But you may want to do some deeper thinking and figure out if some time away might be enough for you.

Is There a Backup Caregiver Already?

Whether you’re stepping away entirely or you’re taking an extended break, you need to pass the baton to someone. You’re likely not a caregiver in name only, so that means someone is going to need to be able to pick up where you’re leaving off. Talking to your family members about what you’re experiencing can help you to determine if one or more of them are able to step in. Another option could be hiring home care services.

Make Time for an Open and Loving Talk

Set up a time to talk to anyone who needs to be involved in this conversation with you. It’s vital that everyone is able to approach this topic in a loving and open way, full of honesty, and as much goodwill as possible. This is vital so that all of you are able to keep your senior’s needs and well-being uppermost in all of the details.

Ideally, you’ll be able to be the source of support that your senior needs. But life has a way of being complicated sometimes and your plans might change. It helps to have a plan in place for that so you know that there are other options.


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