Choosing the perfect assisted living facility for your mom or dad is an important decision, as they will ideally spend the rest of their
lives there, and have great continuity of care. When looking for a perfect
assisted living facility for your elderly parents, there are some essential
things you need to pay attention to.

Below you can find some of the most important steps you should follow when
assessing a senior assisted living facility:

-Carefully observe the level of cleanliness and follow your gut on this
one. Observe does the facility feel clean and fresh. Make sure you take a
quick look behind the furniture, in the corners, windows, and the
baseboards. Don’t forget to ask how often housekeeping pays a visit to
the rooms and how the laundry procedure goes. Don’t doubt to ask for any
specifics you are interested in, as this will be the living space of your elderly
parents for the rest of their lives.

– Pay extra attention to staff friendliness
The friendliness and the attitude of the facility staff are of essential
importance when it comes to an assisted living facilities. Make sure to
carefully observe the staff when interacting with current residents of the
facility. Also, if possible, get an introduction to the management team, as
it will be a great help for you to understand the policy and the goals of
the facility.

– Visit any outdoor areas the facility has It is important to see if there
are any outdoor areas which will suit your mom or dad to take walks and
simply enjoy the sun and a couple of hours in nature. Check for yourself if
the areas feel safe and secure for your parents to spend time there.

– Eat a meal at the facility with the current residents. Food is really,
really important! Dining room experience is of essential meaning to the
elderly, as the rest of us. While visiting an assisted living facility, eat
a meal with the residents, meet some of the residents and let them share
their experience with you on living there. Make sure they are using fresh foods and vegetables at every meal.

-Be sure to get feedback from residents and their families before making a
final decision. Ask away! Talk to the current residents and their families
if some of them are visiting at the same time you are. Collect as much info
as you can on the facility, as it will make your decision easier.

Most states license the Board and Care facilities, like California. It is
a great place to research violations, complaints, and citations of the
community. Click here to look up any Assisted Living facility licensed by
the state of California.