You’re planning a vacation. You might simply be staying home for a staycation or heading to a vacation home to relax on the deck and catch up on reading. Your parents either don’t want to or cannot go with you. You also don’t want them struggling in your absence. Have you considered the benefits of senior care when you need to getaway?

If you are going away, your parents don’t have to struggle. If you simply need to plan in advance using these four tips.


Draw Up a Care Plan

You might have other family members stopping by. You may hire caregivers to provide care when you’re away. Either way, you need to have a care plan drawn up to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Write up daily and weekly chores that you’re helping your parents complete. Talk to family and see if anyone is free to help out. If not, you’ll need to make arrangements with professional caregivers.

Don’t overlook tasks like medication reminders, appointment schedules, allergies, and dietary restrictions. It may be common knowledge to you and your parents, but a caregiver may not have any idea that there is an allergy or special diet.


Buy Needed Supplies Before You Go

Make sure prescription medications don’t need a refill. If your parents will run out while you’re away, have them refilled before you go. Stock up your parents’ groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies to make sure they won’t have to go without or make a rushed trip to the store.

Talk It Over With Your Parents

Be clear with your parents so that they know you’re going away for a few days. Put it on their calendar so that they can’t forget. Reminders placed on the refrigerator and computer are also useful.

When you’re discussing your plans, make sure they know who to call for help. If you are having a professional caregiver help them out, give them the agency’s contact information. Give them your information so that they know where you’ll be and how to reach you if there’s an emergency.

Arrange Respite Care Services

Respite care is a temporary service where you have caregivers step in to help your parents when you are away. You can use the service now and then when you are taking a break, going on a business trip, or have an illness that requires you to rest at home. A senior care specialist can help you make arrangements.


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