Parent in the Hospital

When your parent goes into the hospital, it can be a 10 out of 10 on the stress meter. It is time to spring into action. Easier said than done. With work, family, and personal obligations, we all find it hard to spend time in a hospital room making small talk with our parents.

While it may be difficult, there is no question your parent will get better service if you can spend time by their side in the hospital. You are now your parent’s advocate when you are in the hospital.

Your job as an advocate is to talk to the doctor, the nurses, and the case manager and make sure you understand what is going on. Your parent needs you there to digest this information and spell it out to them. Tracking what is and isn’t being eaten, bathroom trips, and vital signs are all best practices that can be beneficial. Mostly you are letting the hospital know that you are there and you require a certain level of service.

Hospital to Home Guide

I have a special Hospital to Home Guide that I make available for everyone who wants it. It walks you through the basics of being an advocate in the hospital and what to do to prepare to be back home. If you would like to download your free guide, click here.

We are Here to Take the Pressure Off

Keeping your loved one safe is a huge challenge. To do this, you need a caregiver or find a caring community you can trust and afford. Sadly, your loved ones may not feel they need help, which adds to the stress you are already feeling over their safety. We can help you navigate this difficult time. San Luis Obispo Caregivers, A Referral Agency, has helped hundreds of local families find in-home care with our registry of experienced caregivers and find local care communities.

It’s that easy! Call me (805) 748-2614, so you can get the help your parent needs and keep them from the risk of serious injury.

Their safety and your peace of mind is a phone call away.

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