Keeping track of your aging loved one’s health can be difficult. Doctors love to use terminology that many of us are unfamiliar with, which can be confusing. Now think about an 80-year-old parent going to the doctor without anyone there to listen or ask questions. I can remember over five years ago when my mom had gone to the doctor when she was living in Seattle. She couldn’t tell me what the doctor said, and she was confused when they would perform some blood tests.

One of the real blessings in finding a care home for my mom has been the attention and care the owner of the care home has had in the role of my mom’s health. She has indeed been an intricate part of her success. In addition, care homes often work with a doctor who does house calls. Having a doctor visit my mom at the care home has reduced the need to go to the office and creates many more eyes on her (even when she doesn’t have a formal checkup.) It has been a stress reducer for my sisters and me and helps us understand any challenges or rehab she is going through.

Give me a call if you would like to learn more about local care communities, and I will help you ask the right questions.