I was wrong about the holidays. We often recognize our parents struggling with their mobility, safety, or, most notably, their cognitive decline during the holidays. As a Caregivinging Agency, I always see an increase in calls at this time of the year, and it is the adult children recognizing that their parents need help and assistance. I also thought that finding assisted living or care homes would decrease this time of year because family members would feel too much guilt to see their parents in a care home during the holidays.

I was wrong. I look back on my experience with my mom, and when we decided to either place her in a care home or find 24-hour care for her, we needed to make that decision right around Thanksgiving. You have to make the best decision possible for your parents by assessing risk, money, family, and your parent’s ability. This decision needs to be made regardless of the time of the year. Holidays present an opportunity to be proactive and gather information regarding the available options for your parents at this time of the year.

Since family typically is coming together physically, it is an excellent time to interview caregivers or tour some local senior living options with me. I can help take the pressure off the family situation and get the family the correct information to make a good decision.

Give me a call and happy holidays.