This video discusses the sensitive topic of maintaining dignity for elderly loved ones dealing with incontinence caregiving. Incontinence caregiving is often embarrassing and challenging for individuals as well as their close family members. The importance of maintaining hygiene through products like briefs or depends is highlighted.

Hiring a caregiver can be crucial in ensuring proper care and cleanliness, especially for those uncomfortable with handling incontinence issues themselves. Incontinence has risks of skin breakdown and urinary tract infections (UTIs), with untreated UTIs posing severe health risks, including the potential for becoming septic.

Get Strategic about Caregiving

Strategic caregiver schedules must be considered, but we acknowledge the limitations of hourly care, leading to consideration of assisted living or board and care options.

Despite the challenging caregiving and incontinence, we aim to raise awareness about the significance of addressing these issues and offer information on caregiving and alternative care options.



UTI and Crazy Talk!

It’s indeed concerning to witness the impact of urinary tract infections (UTIs) on the well-being and personality of our loved ones. The link between UTIs, bloodstream infection, and subsequent cognitive difficulties such as delirium is a critical aspect that deserves attention.

The silver lining is that UTIs are treatable with antibiotics, and the effects are generally temporary, lasting only a few weeks. This emphasizes the importance of timely medical intervention and healthcare professionals’ role in managing such conditions.

Your mention of the fragility of our loved ones underscores the need for proactive measures like having an Advanced Directive and Power of Attorney in place. These legal documents empower individuals to make decisions regarding their healthcare preferences and designate trusted individuals to act on their behalf, ensuring their wishes are respected, even in challenging situations.

Awareness is the Key

Encouraging awareness about the connection between UTIs, cognitive difficulties, and the importance of legal documentation can contribute to better overall care for our loved ones. If you have any questions or concerns about these topics, it’s advisable to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance.