Should your Parents Sell their House?

There are a lot of unknowns about our current economy here on the central coast. If you listen to many local real estate experts, most of them feel values may be coming down due to lower demand and higher interest rates. Home prices are still at an all-time high, but there may be a reason to believe prices may drop by 10% over the next year or two. If the values do come down, it may be an excellent opportunity to sell to a small percentage of the public.

On a million-dollar home, your parents could stand to lose $100,000 on their nest egg. If they sell today and downsize or find an assisted living community, they will have an extra $100,000 toward their retirement, which they may not have if they wait too long. Selling a home for your parent is a big ordeal. Many folks in this age group have collectibles, tools, and an assortment of stuff that can be daunting. I can help.

I have relationships with local realtors who specialize in working with older sellers. They specialize in helping sons and daughters who don’t live in the area and need help with all the little things that go into moving a senior. If you would like to meet my Real Estate person or If you want to research caregiving costs, independent living, and assisted living options, I can provide a lot of information in a 20-minute phone call. Give me a call, and I can hook you up with the right resource.




We all want to age in place.

However, the cost of finding a caregiver full-time is daunting, to say the least. We put together a simple break-even comparison that looks at the average care cost for a caregiver in your home and when it is more cost beneficial to move to an Assisted Living community or Care Home. Are you Exhausted? Breathe…We can help Many of us who have a parent with Dementia sacrifice our jobs, social life, and families in order to help our aging loved ones at home. While we are doing our best to help them, we know they probably need more! Guilt is a major player when delaying a parent’s move, we often need help admitting this is the best thing for everyone. Often this allows you to get out of the role of a caregiver and into the role of the family member again. We have visited over 50 local care homes and have a working knowledge of each community. We will save you time, money, and most of all your sanity! We can help! Call David at (805) 748-2614 for your Free 20-minute consultation.

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