Having Difficult Conversations

Having conversations with your loved ones about a caregiver coming into the home and moving to an assisted living community is difficult. I recently read the book “How to have Impossible Conversations,” It reminded me how many of my clients have had difficult conversations with their loved ones regarding senior care. Many of us put up a big wall when talking about the option of moving to an assisted living community or hiring a caregiver.

Some of us see this as having our freedom taken from us. Here are the three concepts I took from Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay’s book “How to have impossible conversations.”

1. Be a partner or teammate. Being on the same team shifts the focus of a conversation from adversarial to constructive. Listening and understanding your loved one’s motivation can create rapport and be an essential building block.

2. Listen more and Talk Less. Don’t try and sell them, in your opinion. If anything, ask questions regarding the future and how challenging it will be for them to succeed at home without help. Most people don’t want to be a burden, take their freedom away, or spend money.

3. Learn about this stuff together. Research their health ailments and the potential costs and make sure they understand their senior care options.

I help you with these questions and guide you to understand and safely learn about them. Let me know if I can help.

We are Here to Take the Pressure Off

Keeping your loved one safe is a huge challenge. To do this, you need a caregiver or find a caring community you can trust and afford. Sadly, your loved ones may not feel they need help, which adds to the stress you are already feeling over their safety. We can help you navigate this difficult time. San Luis Obispo Caregivers, A Referral Agency, has helped hundreds of local families find in-home care with our registry of experienced caregivers and find local care communities.

It’s that easy! Call me (805) 748-2614, so you can get the help your parent needs and keep them from the risk of serious injury.

Their safety and your peace of mind is a phone call away.

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