David Wood, Owner of San Luis Obispo Caregivers explains the cons of using logic for a family caregiver.

As a caregiver, understanding the challenges of communicating with someone suffering from dementia is crucial in offering compassionate support. Dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s, profoundly impacts one’s cognitive functions, making logical persuasion less effective. Caregivers should listen up, don’t use logic, it doesn’t work. The affected person grapples with a compromised executive part of the brain, where memory, decision-making, and control reside. Consequently, their ability to grasp and respond to logical reasoning is impaired.

It’s disheartening as a family member to witness their resistance stemming from this loss. In the video, I share a compassionate approach, acknowledging the importance of adapting strategies to accommodate the unique needs of family caregivers. A gentle fib is introduced to achieve a common goal while alleviating my mom’s anxiety, embodying empathy and understanding in caregiving. The shared experiences aim to support others facing similar challenges, hoping to provide solace and guidance in this difficult journey.

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