Do you have a Power of Attorney in place for a Caregiver and Assisted Living?
Many people mistake never selecting a power of attorney and allowing someone to determine if they should stay home with a caregiver or go to assisted living. Procrastination and hoping for the best is not the best strategy. I have seen many families fight over who should be in charge. Depending on existing relationships, money and inheritance, this can break up a family.

Sometimes people select a Power of Attorney but never talk to the POA about their wants. When there has been no communication, this can come as a great shock to the POA and puts much pressure on them. This lack of communication can cause many disagreements among family members and interested parties. You and your POA need to have had conversations about your wishes, philosophy, and what to do in life or death decisions.

Lastly, it is crucial to write down your wishes and have their legal documents. Legally electing someone as your Power of Attorney is usually done formally with an Attorney. When done correctly, a power of attorney has a playbook for making decisions, and it gives you the final say on your healthy and financial wishes.

We procrastinate on making decisions like this because it is difficult. However, wouldn’t you want to be the person that is prepared and take any guesswork out of what your wishes would be? After all, this could keep your family together.

We are Here to Take the Pressure Off

Keeping your loved one safe is a huge challenge. To do this, you need a caregiver or find a caring community you can trust and afford. Sadly, your loved ones may not feel they need help, which adds to the stress you are already feeling over their safety. We can help you navigate this difficult time. San Luis Obispo Caregivers, A Referral Agency, has helped hundreds of local families find in-home care with our registry of experienced caregivers and find local care communities.

It’s that easy! Call me (805) 748-2614, so you can get the help your parent needs and keep them from the risk of serious injury.

Their safety and your peace of mind is a phone call away.

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David Wood, Owner, SLO Caregivers
David Wood, Owner, SLO Caregivers

San Luis Obispo Caregivers was created in memory of my Grandfather, Tracy Gordon Wood II. My mission is to honor him by providing trustworthy, compassionate, and competitively priced caregiving services to seniors in my community. After 25 years in the financial industry and the decision to leave behind a successful 6-year position as the Chief Operating Officer of SESLOC Federal Credit Union, I created San Luis Obispo Home Care. This decision served my desire to make a difference and support the growing needs of seniors in my community. As my business grew and I leaned heavily on my financial background, I realized there was a much more cost-effective way to provide seniors with the care they deserve. This realization led to the creation of San Luis Obispo Caregivers, a referral agency and SLO Senior Placement, a free resource for families looking for independent or assisted living options for seniors. Ultimately, I listen, assess your situation and recommend various options that are available for your family.