Understand Senior Living Options

When people start looking for caregiving or senior living options, they are typically thrown into a complex situation.

It takes time to understand the available senior living options, what insurance covers, and what things cost.

I specialized in finding senior living options that keep your loved ones safe on the central coast. Senior Living options include finding:

The first step people take when researching senior living is to “Google” it! When you do this with senior living in mind, be careful. Many National corporations are designed to entice you into giving up your private information to continue. They are known to bug you or even sell your data, resulting in uninvited ads and spam. Everything looks great in pictures, but you need to walk into a place to see, smell and touch it before you determine whether it is the right fit.

I help you to make the right decision for your family member by giving you the information you need to make a good decision.

Selecting Senior Living Location:

  • Local knowledge
  • Current Rates
  • Available website/links
  • Paperwork for the doctor
  • Access to California Licensing and Audits

During and After the Process of Senior Living:

  • Schedule tours at the location
  • Attend tour
  • Tour questions/checklist
  • Help with negotiating the best rate
  • Move-in checklist
  • Real Estate Referrals
  • Estate sales

My service is 100% free to clients (we receive a referral fee from the community you decide on). Using my service will give you all of your available senior living options and peace of mind that you made the correct decision.

I can help you keep your family member happy and safe.

Best Regards,



Our parents and loved ones have a misconception when someone brings up assisted loving. Their mind went to an image of a Nursing home or Skilled Nursing Facility 30 years ago. Assisted Living Communities have made huge strides over the past 20 years and provide many benefits for aging folks. Market researchers, designers, and chefs are critical in designing new communities. You would have to see them to believe them. If you want to check out the local options, call me, and we can set up. Time for a tour.


Don’t try to Fix Them. We love fixing things. When it comes to our parents, we often want to do the right thing to keep them safe. However, they may have different goals than their overriding goal. This bossiness creates many unnatural conflicts between parents and children that are often met with resistance. The goal is to get both parties on the same team. I encourage families to eliminate their aggressive approach towards their parents, including language like “you need a caregiver” or “we need to find a place.” A better strategy is to pump the breaks on the sales job and take a few weeks to assess the situation with good questions. We typically have an excellent opportunity to do this when meeting with our folks over the holidays. When you start to see things that are bothering you, you ask questions about what you see. Start in a natural, conversational way. Open with broad or general questions rather than launching into a specific complaint or concern. You might start with something generic, like “How are you feeling?” or “How’s the house?” Here are some tips for a practical discussion: Don’t gang up on them. Find a spokesperson and have a one-on-one conversation. -Make sure you’re not competing with the TV, radio, or a roomful of relatives. -Be Patient. Many older adults take a while to dive into a deeper conversation. -Avoid triggering negative emotions. Avoid diving in with, “Mom. We need to talk about your living situation!” -Ask questions instead of making statements. Let this be your rule of thumb during your conversation, no matter what you’re tempted to say. -Listening is more important than telling. -Watch blame-loaded words. Stick to “I” statements (“I’m wondering/I’m curious/I’ve noticed”) over “you” comments (“You always/you keep/your problem is…”). Try to avoid generalizations like always, never, everything, and nothing. If you get stuck, you can try questions like this: “Hmmm, tell me more.” (This is one of the most valuable responses you can offer — especially if they’ve just said something that sounds concerning.) “What’s the most important part of that for you?” “What else is on your mind?” “What if things got worse? What can you see happening?” Give me a call if you need help. David For in-home care with experienced independent local caregivers San Luis Obispo Caregivers, A Referral Agency www.slocaregivers.com For assisted living, care homes, and independent living help My Senior Navigator www.myseniornavigator.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/slocaregivers LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-g-w... Google My Business https://g.page/r/CYBzekwCHGAQEAE 📲 Call/Text Direct at 805-748-2614 📲 Email: david@slocaregivers.com 👨‍💻 Website: https://www.slocaregivers.com/ #movetosanluisobispo #davidwood #SLOcaregivers #sanluisobispocaregivers #seniorlivinginslo #sanluisobispocalifornia#eldercareadvice #eldercare #assistedliving #assistedlivingfacility #elderlylove #assistedlivingcommunity #together #socialize #socialization #caring #caringforothers #exercise #independentliving #healthcare #alzheimers #memorycare #carehomes #boardandcare #myseniornavigator